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Whether I was cutting weight for 61kg or bulking up for 65kg, Coach Myers had my strength at an all time high! I’ve never felt stronger and more conditioned on the mat.
— Reece Humphrey, 3 x US Open Champion, 3 x USA Wrestling World Team Member
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What Others Have Said about Coach Myers

I highly recommend Coach Myers’ Strength and Conditioning plan.  I have known him since coming to OSU and he has helped me and countless elite athletes reach their goals on the mat through improving their strength and endurance.  If you are looking to take your wrestling to the next level this is the book you need.
— Logan Stieber, 2016 World Champion, 4 x NCAA Champion, 4 x Big10 Champion
Coach Myers has found a good mix of toughness and science. He has created a great system that allows wrestlers to make functional and sport specific strength gains.
— Tervel Dlagnev, 2 x Olympian, World Bronze Medalist
Dustin was instrumental in me reaching my full potential as an athlete. He is top notch at pinpointing the areas where an individual wrestler needs physical improvement. Additionally, his ability to relate to people is what really sets him apart. For any young aspiring wrestler, his training regimen can make the difference.
— Tommy Rowlands, 2 x NCAA Champion, 2 x Olympic Alternate
Coach Myers understands the hard work and intensity that is required to be successful in wrestling. He knows how to get wrestlers strong where it matters - on the mat - and it’s been proven at the highest levels of the sport
— Jeff Jordan, Head Coach St Paris Graham, 2015 National Champions, 15x OH State Team Champs